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America is the land of champions! Learn how sports keep our American culture together and the influence they have on unifying the nation.

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America The Champions Soccer

America The Champions Soccer

Take a kick at which of these facts about American sports is correct!


Why I Stand

by Jonathan Isaac

Jonathan Isaac faced peer pressure, national scrutiny, and mainstream media coverage all telling him to kneel for the national anthem. But he didn’t waver and stood tall even when those around him gave in. Read about his story straight from him to learn how to never give up your principles!

Swimming Against The Current Fighting For Common Sense In A World That’s Lost Its Mind

by Riley Gaines

Riley Gaines lost her hard earned trophy to a man that was allowed to compete in women’s sports. She’s spent her time since then speaking out about why it’s important to protect women’s sports against this lack of common sense. Be inspired by her story and understand how every voice is important in this fight!

Activism Ideas

America The Champions Activity Sheet

America The Champions Activity Sheet

Activism is an important part of TPUSA chapters spreading their ideas to others and making a difference. Check out our activism sheet for ideas on what your chapter can do or think of your own ideas to make sure others know about how important it is to keep America’s sports patriotic and protected!

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