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The government loves to take what the people earn, so you should learn about exactly how it spends your hard earned money!

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Taxation Cornhole

Taxation Cornhole

Test your knowledge on taxes with a game of virtual cornhole! Be careful though or your points may be taxed.


Taxing The Rich Is An Inherently Flawed Concept

with Rebecca Walser

The left is often pushing for higher taxes on the rich as a way to redistribute wealth to those who need it most, Rebecca Walser in this podcast episode breaks down exactly why that’s a flawed concept and gives you an understanding of what it means to be wealthy.

Rand Paul’s ‘Festivus Report’ airs $482 billion worth of federal waste grievances

by Peter Kasperowicz

If there is one thing the government loves, it’s wasting money, money that Americans work hard to earn. Every year Rand Paul highlights the most ridiculous programs and studies Americans tax dollars went to. Take a look for yourself to see how taxes get spent.

Activism Ideas

Taxes Are Shady Activities

Taxes Are Shady Activities

Activism is an important part of TPUSA chapters spreading their ideas to others and making a difference. Check out our activism sheet for ideas on what your chapter can do or think of your own ideas to make sure others know about exactly how shady taxes are!

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