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Feel empowered by learning about the right to vote and seeing exactly how important a single vote can be!

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Electoral College Match

Electoral College Match

Test your Chapter’s knowledge of the Electoral College by seeing if you can match the number of electoral votes to the correct state!


Is Voter ID Law Racist?

by Liberty Before Lipstick Podcast

Influencer Amanda Ensing breaks down the truth about Voter ID Laws and how they benefit elections without discriminating!

Why The Electoral College Is Critically Important

by Frank Camp, The Daily Wire

The left is always trying to say that the Electoral College is no longer needed, but there are plenty of reasons why it’s still vital to this day. The Daily Wire does an excellent interview breaking down some of the most common questions about it.

Activism Ideas

Register to Vote Activity Sheet

Register to Vote Activity Sheet

Activism is an important part of TPUSA chapters spreading their ideas to others and making a difference. Check out our activism sheet for ideas on what your chapter can do or think of your own ideas to make sure others know the importance of voting!

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