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The spookiest thing you’ll ever learn is exactly how much big government has control over our everyday lives!

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Find The Big Government Monster

Find The Big Government Monster

The big government monster is always looming large over everybody’s lives! But if you know enough about big government you’ll be able to find this monster in this interactive game!


Joe Rogan and the Man Who Exposed the U.S. Government

by Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan interviews whistleblower Edward Snowden who released classified documents showing how the United States government is spying on its own citizens.

What's So Bad about Big Government Anyway?

by George C. Leef

This article by the Foundation of Economic Education shows the numbers and history on why big government is so dangerous. You will have all the information you need to tell people exactly why they shouldn’t want bigger government.

FBI Agent Exposes the Inside Politicization

Steve Friend, a FBI agent with a decade of law enforcement experience, found himself suspended when he called out the FBI for abusing its power. His testimony brings to light the weaponizing of the bureau against conservatives.

Activism Ideas

Big Gov Scares Acitivity

Big Gov Scares Acitivity

Activism is an important part of how TPUSA chapters share their ideas to others and ultimately, make a difference. Check out our activism idea sheet for ideas on what your chapter can do to make sure others know the dangers of Big Government! Don’t hesitate to come up with your own creative activism ideas as well!

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