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Entrepreneurship is an American tradition. You’ll learn here how vital American businesses are to the world’s economy!

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Spot What’s Been Made In America

Spot What’s Been Made In America

See if you know which brands and products are American made by testing your knowledge with this game!



by Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is an entrepreneurship icon now, but he didn’t start off that way. In his book he tells you his story of how he went from poor to billionaire. While also explain how he did it and how you can too.

Why small businesses are good for local economies

by Dock Treece

Small businesses do more than just represent an American tradition. They are vital to local economies, and this article breaks down the different impacts they have for the better in their communities.

Activism Ideas

Made in America Activities

Made in America Activities

Activism is an important part of TPUSA chapters spreading their ideas to others and making a difference. Check out our activism sheet for ideas on what your chapter can do or think of your own ideas to make sure others know the importance of American entrepreneurship!

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