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A world where everyone is taken care of sounds like a utopia, but now’s your chance to learn about exactly how suspicious socialism is.

Chapter Games

Socialism Dodgeball

Socialism Dodgeball

Take your aim at the truth about socialism in this dodgeball themed game!


Morgan Zegers and The Plague of Socialism

by The Culture Crossroads with Addison Smith

Young Americans Against Socialism founder and a TPUSA contributor, Morgan Zegers, explains why Socialism is a plague on society and why younger generations are so attracted to it.

Woke America is Crazier than North Korea

By Timcast IRL

Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector, speaks with Tim Pool about her time living in one of the most totalitarian countries in the world. She gives her insight on how America's left advocating for socialism will inevitably lead to governments like North Korea.

Perils of "Democratic Socialism"

by Ilya Somin

There are so many dangers to socialism that people forget once the word “democratic” is put in front of it. This article from Reason lets you know about the dangers that supposed democratic socialism can still hold.

Activism Ideas

Socialism Scares

Socialism Scares

Activism is an important part of TPUSA chapters spreading their ideas to others and making a difference. Check out our activism sheet for ideas on what your chapter can do or think of your own ideas to make sure others know about the dangers of socialism.

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